Sandra Verkaart is an art educator and creates (moving) images together with children, adolescents and adults.  Being consciously and concretely engaged with perception, imagination, conceptualization and analysis of (the making of) images, forms the basis for dealing with difference and change in everyday life. This is a rewarding and inspiring starting point for Sandra’s co-creation artist practice.

MUS-E Belgium

MUS-E Belgium is a platform for socially engaged artists to develop their practice in the contexts of education, leisure time and health activities. In pursuit of this MUS-E creates network connections with other art institutions. The MUS-E programme is active in ten different countries together with the MUS-E network within the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

With MUS-E Belgium I conducted ateliers at cultural centers as well as at primary and secondary schools, including OKAN students (new in using the local language).


WiSPER offers Arts courses for adults. The approach is not that of ‘teaching’ but rather that of guiding the creativity of the participant. My courses at WiSPER offer divers techniques and methods to discover one’s own way to express one shelf in the visual arts. Also, my courses focus on how to acces and stimulate creativity – therefore the participants are often artists or teachers themselves.

Art academy

Teaching Visual Arts to 6-12 year olds at DKO (Deeltijds Kunst Onderwijs) Flanders; Extra Curriculum After School. Academy for the Visual Arts Jan Portaels.

Teaching Audiovisual Arts to 13-16 year old students at SKI (Secundair Kunst Instituut) Gent, Flanders; Highschool with art curriculum.